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Trust is a relief organisation's most important asset, and transparency is its basic requirement. Particularly donor organisations increasingly see the need to communicate more information regarding the impact of their work. They are some of the drivers for greater transparency, because they need to know what is done with their donations.

Wilken Ciwi has set itself the task of supporting organisations from the social economy and international development cooperation in this field. Thus, the company develops software solutions that help manage the use of public funds and donations transparently and efficiently.

 Wilken Ciwi builds transparency

For this reason, Wilken Ciwi has developed Fundtrac® and Fundtrac® Light specifically for the social economic sector and international development organisations. Both packages are proven solutions for project and financial management. The integrated planning of projects and their resources, costs, and manifold financing streams ensures that all project partners always stay informed about the exact progress of an intervention. Using Wilken software, even the most complex of projects can now be planned transparently and effectively – full budget, payroll, and document management included.


Helping Others
Help Themselves

An increasing number of foundations and organisations see themselves as donors supporting projects or drawing on the services of partners to achieve their own goals. In this context, they are increasingly interested in the transparent reporting on the use of funds made available by them.

Transparency creates trust and is more than just reporting in the form of narrative texts and images. In project management, transparency means to be able to access and assess project data at any time and in compliance with defined roles, both as donor and project leader. This includes consolidated and bundled data, but also access to specific details (drill down) – from a financial point of view down to individual subprojects and even documents.

With its software solutions, Wilken Ciwi has fundamentally changed how projects can be controlled and accounted for: budgeting, resource and financial planning as well as booking, settlement and controlling can now be accomplished within a single system and database. Financial accounting departments are automatically supplied with booking data by this system. The result: complete financial overview, updated daily, and full transparency among projects and subprojects, standardised reporting as well as significant cost savings in project management and accounting.

The objective is to provide foundations and other donors with the necessary security concerning investments and donations, and to give project managers the right tools to efficiently manage, implement, and bill their projects.

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No matter if you build an airport, just develop a new software product or realise a strategic vision: Almost all new ventures in business, public administration, research and policy are now realised in the form of projects. Even smaller, organisation-specific tasks are often executed by dedicated project teams.

A primary success factor of projects is comprehensive and competent project management. This is especially important when realising large-scale international measures with numerous partner companies or organisations, but also in research institutions with many parallel projects. Analysis of the issues that lead to failed research projects show that these are often managed solely from a technical perspective with scheduling, resource planning, and risk assessment receiving less attention. Plus, budgets are often sketchy, inadequately controlled for, and not continuously monitored. In consequence, project objectives (schedule, performance, and cost objectives) often slip and are not achieved.

With Fundtrac® and Fundtrac® Light, Wilken Ciwi offers proven solutions for the integrated management and accounting of projects. The holistic planning of measures and their resources, costs, and funds ensures that all project participants always stay abreast of an intervention's progress. Even the most complex projects can be planned transparently and effectively – including budgeting, payroll, and document management – using Fundtrac.

Additional products such as Wilken Project File, Wilken Document Management, and Wilken Workflow complement the Fundtrac family of applications and combine to form a comprehensive management suite for research and development facilities supporting projects of varying size and complexity throughout the entire formulation, planning, and implementation procedure.

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Objective assessments by auditors and other external inspectors enhance the reliability of information for decision makers and create transparency. Development aid organisations make use of donations and public funds to do good throughout the world. Without periodic, independent assessment, they would not be able to clearly and continuously communicate that their aid has actually reached its destination and is used efficiently.

With Wilken Ciwi Fundtrac® for project management and accounting, Wilken Risk Management, and Wilken ECM, the company offers field-proven software solutions that allow auditors and accountants to review the correct billing of projects and the use of third-party funds. They also allow them to support their clients in project management, in fulfilling their legal obligations, and in identifying and controlling for the risks their projects and businesses might encounter.

»Fundtrac® is of great help to us. It supports us in the financial management of our projects and the evaluation of their impact.«

Gertrud Zulu-Shinkanga,
Community Youth Concern,
for Terre des Hommes, Sambia

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About Wilken Ciwi

Established in 2001, Wilken Ciwi focuses on clients in the international development aid field and organisations from the social economy. It intends to support its clients in their fight against hunger and poverty. To do so, it develops customisable and flexible solutions that help these organisations to bring precious donations and aid to their beneficiaries more efficiently and effectively. Its certified software, hardware and its consultancy services build transparency among all parties involved in development aid and support the fight against corruption.

Wilken Ciwi is a subsidiary company of the Wilken Corporate Group, a provider of ERP software with 550 employees and 58 mio. € in turnover. The company headquarters are in Ulm, Germany.

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»Satellite installations by Wilken Ciwi supply the Congolese NGO CRAFOD and more than 25 other organisations in international development aid with Internet connectivity allowing them to manage their aid funds easily and efficiently.«

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Selected Clients

Arbeiter Samariterbund Auslandshilfe (ASB)
Fundtrac® makes it easy for the international aid agency based in Cologne, Germany, to connect 25 of ces in 13 countries and enable them to work with the same data at the same time from anywhere.

Malteser International
Malteser International is the humanitarian aid branch of the Sovereign Order of Malta. With more than 100 projects annually in around 25 countries in Africa, Asia and The Americas, Malteser International is engaged in alleviating the impact of disasters, supporting projects for reconstruction, and for sustainable development.

Crafods core tasks include integrated development projects in rural DR Congo. They include agricultural and social development, vocational training, HIV prevention, and the protection against Malaria.

Sadri's mission is to contribute to the development of the DR Congo through awareness raising, specifically in the province of Katanga. It aims to help overcome poverty, improve social and economic livelihoods in the countryside, increase transparency in how aid is used locally, and fight corruption. It also aims to contribute to environmental protection and the proper use of natural resources. 

terre des hommes
Six international coordination of ces of the children's charity organisation are working with Fundtrac® to allocate development aid and carry out social projects in countries like Mozambique and Nicaragua.

humedica e.V.
humedica e.V. with its headquarter in Kaufleuten (Bavaria) is an international NGO. With projects in over 90 countries since 1979, humedica has been delivering humanitarian aid with a focus on natural disaster alleviation.

The Demeter association stands for organic farming and products of biodynamic farming. In Germany, around 1,500 farmers with over 70 000 hectares of agricultural land produce biodynamically. Demeter e. V. also encompasses about 400 producers and processors, as well as contractors from the natural and health food wholesalers. As an international organic brand, Demeter is represented on all continents. Demeter products are produced in 38 countries on more than 3,500 farms recognised by the consistent Demeter guidelines.

KfW Entwicklungsbank
KfW Development Bank connects its office in Malawi to its headquarters in Germany using an Internet connection provided by CIWI GmbH.

Gitech (Westafrika)
Gitech offers customised technology solutions in project and financial management to its West African clients. Its focus is on solutions for database management, Internet access, and IT-based project management.

C4L (South Africa)
The "Desmond Tutu Centre for Leadership" provides adult education and supports NGO's through organisational development consulting. It carries out these projects not only in South Africa, but also adjacent countries such as Mozambique.

The Lautenbach Community aims to provide an integrative space for living and working for people with disabilities. For over 40 years, it has been the most prominent task of the Lautenbach collegiate to create such spaces that are appropriate to the task, but still modern. It follows the motto "The common way is our goal". People with mental disabilities can find competent care and support at Lautenbach.

Culmentor (Finland)
Culmentor supports clients through project development consultancy, project management, and network building efforts across all of Europe. The Finnish firm has a particularly strong footing in the  eld of management information systems for higher education institutions. It has partnered with Wilken CIWI in various projects.

Nationally and internationally, the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation is engaged in political education for peace, freedom, and equality. It aims to strengthen democracy, support European unification and transatlantic relations as well as international development aid.

sequa (Germany)
With sequa gGmbH, CIWI has carried out a PPP project in South Africa and Mozambique in 2011 and 2012. In the project, sequa and CIWI together with local partners, trained more than 250 executive and professional personnel from NGO’s and charitable organisations on how to improve their organisational effectiveness through ICT use and clear management processes that harness the power of modern technology.